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Book References on Genetics (bibliography indicated)

Thompson & Thompson Medical Genetics

Author: Nussbaum, Robert L .; Willard, Huntington F .; Mcinnes, Roderick R.

Publisher: Elsevier

Introduction to Genetics

Author: Griffiths, Anthony J. F.

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

DNA and Genetic Engineering

Author: Espito, Breno Pannia

Publisher: Current

Fundamentals of Genetics

Author: Snustad, D. Peter

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Human Genetics - Concepts and Applications

Author: Lewis, Ricki

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Emery Medical Genetics

Author: Turnpenny, Peter D.

Publisher: Elsevier / National Medicine

Genetics - A Conceptual Focus

Author: Pierce, Benjamin A.

Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Clinical Genetics - A New Approach

Author: Read, Andrew; Donnai, Dian

Publisher: Artmed

Genetic Engineering - The Seventh Day of Creation

Author: Oliveira, Fatima

Publisher: Moderna

Human and Clinical Genetics

Author: Fleet-Person, Oswaldo; Otto, Priscila Guimaraes; Otto, Paulo Alberto

Publisher: Roca Brasil

Seminology in Clinical Genetics

Author: Ribeiro, Erlane Marques

Publisher: Technical Book

Medical Genetics

Author: Feingold, Joshua

Publisher: Loyola