Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology: Knowledge of Biology Applied in Crime Resolution

What is Forensic Biology

Forensic biology is an area that uses the knowledge of biology as resources for investigating and solving crimes. In many cases, committing a crime leaves biological traces (blood, human skin, hair, sperm, etc.). With knowledge of the various areas of the biological sciences, the forensic biologist can assist the police in sample analysis and case resolution. In addition to crimes against humans, Forensic Biology is of great importance to unravel crimes against the environment.

Main subjects studied in the Postgraduate Course in Forensic Biology:

- Forensic Entomology

- Forensic Zoology

- Forensic Botany

- Forensic Microbiology

- Molecular and Cellular Biology

- Applied Immunology

- Applied Genetics

- Legislation and Expert Structure

- Environmental expertise

- Scientific methodology

- Techniques for collection and analysis of biological samples

- Forensic Parasitology

- DNA analysis