What are the main features of the cell nucleus?

What are the main features of the cell nucleus?

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What are the main features of the cell nucleus?


The main characteristics of the cell nucleus are:

- It is bounded by the nuclear envelope.

- Has spherical or ovoid shape. However, the cell nucleus usually follows the shape of the cell.

- It is located in the central region of the cell.

- Cell nucleus size varies with DNA content and metabolism.

- Has communication with the cytoplasm through the nuclear pores.

- The cell nucleus has the ability to regulate the chemical reactions of the cell.

- Saves genetic information. It contains most of the cell's genetic information accumulated in DNA.

- The interphase nucleus, also known as interphase, is the period when the cell is not in division.

- Cell nucleus controls cell metabolism.



Elaine Barbosa de Souza
Undergraduate student in Biological Sciences at Methodist University of São Paulo.

- The question was sent to the Toda Biologia website by: Felipe M. Souza on 12/05/2019.


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